* Special Offer for spring**

VacBed New designs from SlinkySkin
Our Vacbed are made from top quality Radical Rubber sheet latex

Price including Shipping

For all the below we require accurate measurement from mouth to genitals this is in a straight line NOT following the neck line


**Spring Special Offer**

Extra Wide Silent Vacbed

**Now Black
or Semi-Trans Black**

Extra wide for a lot more space !

This Vacbed is one of our new SILENT ones which means that you can disconnect the vacuum source when fully vacced down. We have a special one way valve attached to the inlet to the Vacbed

The Vacbed also includes a
1.45 m x 2.2 m PVC 40 mm pipe frame.

In extra wide size
1.45m x 2.2m Latex envelope

Price £200.00

The extra weight for the Latex and Frame increase the shipping costs over the std vacbed they are:

Shipping in UK £215.00
Shipping to Eu £235.00
Shipping to USA £255.00
Shipping ROW £ 300.00
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Our Vacbed is made from top quality latex

Extra holes including latex lined pussy and repositioning is available at extra cost please email for details.