Please not RG is standing on a platform due to her being to short for this 1.6 metre vactower, this platform is NOT included or available for sale

Our VacTower is made from top quality Radical Rubber sheet latex

Price including Shipping
Vactower Height

For all the below we require accurate measurement from mouth to genitals this is in a straight line NOT following the neck line



New design from us.
Keep your sub captive and vertical. It brings a whole new dimension to vacuum packed fun. There is only a head hole available.
It includes a very strong 1 1/2 " PVC tube frame, the same as our vaccube.
Various Lengths available to accommodate differing heights.
The available heights are

1.35 metres
1.45 metres
1.60 metres
Choose the one which is closest to your height to your neck

all are the same price

With these extra length tubes they will require cutting in half due to problems shipping to some countries but the strength of the frame will not be adversely affected such is it's inherent strength.

Price £675.00

Shipping in UK £699.00
Shipping to Eu £725.00
Shipping to NI £735.00
Shipping to USA £750.00
Shipping ROW £ 775.00
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* is Northern Ireland